What we charge

We have a very flexible fee structure, and we try to work with clients to ensure their available budget is used to maximum effect.

For some clients we work on an annual retainer, but as this does not suit all businesses, we can also work on a project by project basis, or on an 'as required' basis, where time is charged daily as required.

We also offer three fixed-rate, fixed-term packages for smaller businesses and start-up companies that wish to handle implementation of PR programmes in-house, but require assistance with brand messaging, campaign planning and creative ideas. These packages are often supplemented with PR training for in-house personnel.

  • Getting started in PR   £3000

  • Brand positioning        £5000

  • Growing the brand      £8000

Fees for real time crisis communications support are charged by the hour as and when required.
Contact info@3dpr.co.uk for full details of our fees, charges and package components.

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